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Say Hello!

Welcome! I'm so glad you're here. It's July 2020 and we are in a global pandemic, COVID-19. Jesus, be with us! I'm bringing you this home video because I could not wait to engage with you all that are visiting my new website, I"M SO EXCITED! I have taken the leap to work on my personal brand where I merge both my love for fashion and media journalism. It is my hope that you enjoy my journey of sharing content, learning more about each other as an online community, and potentially working with some of you in the future. I love collaborating on special projects. Drop a message if you feel my content and our audiences can benefit from us working together.

Well, without further ado! Here we are. I look forward to bringing you more videos and blog posts. Tell me what you want me to share more of, I want your feedback as we grow together.

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Talk with you soon!