Entrepreneur and Empowerment Speaker Jacari Harris Announces College Book Tour

In his book Lost & Found, Jacari Harris shares life lessons on how he maintained hope and perseverance during difficult circumstances and the importance of owning his story and sharing it with others. The release of Lost & Found kicked off with a celebratory book signing in Harris’ hometown, Tallahassee, Florida where he also announced his upcoming college book tour. During the inaugural tour, Harris expressed transparent moments from his new book and honored mentors that have guided him through overcoming fear and pursuing his goals.

“Lost & Found is showing people all over the world that tough times don’t last but tough people do,” said Harris. “I was presented with multiple reasons to give up and use excuses, but I chose to stay poised, focused and determined. I wanted to tour college and university campuses first to inspire and share practical strategies with students that will help them understand that their story holds value, and as long as they don’t give up on the person they see in the mirror, they can achieve anything they put their mind to,” Harris added.

The Lost & Found college book tour will also enlighten students on the importance of personal and professional development, student involvement, and how to create opportunities for success. The tour will begin January 2020.

“This tour will help change the course of students’ lives by allowing them to have an interactive transparent discussion about life during college and preparing for postgraduate. Most importantly, this tour will give students the space to consider new thoughts and ideas outside of their normal routine, influences and thought process. The energy that will exist during this open forum will redirect the vitality of students and transform their thoughts from why to how they can begin to make change,” Harris concluded.

Jacari’s story is proof that tragedies can position a person for a purposeful life. Lost & Found is available

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